Welcome to KnotYetABride!

You know you love looking at wedding magazines and surfing sites like theknot.com and pinterest.com to find the best inspiration for your upcoming nuptials. The thrill of being able to express your love to your partner on such a special occasion leaves you with butterflies and out of breath. There is just one thing missing from the fairytale: The Ring.

I know all my life I have secretly browsed through every media to find those beautiful pictures that serve as inspiration for when my day will come. I also know I’m not the only one (yes, ladies and gents, you know you do it too…). Well now we don’t have to hide anymore. Knot Yet A Bride is a place where the “not so engaged” can congregate virtually to view and share ideas and inspirations whether the day is years away or years ago. Heck, even if you have a ring on your finger, check out what the other folks who aren’t in the throws of planning find neat too!

Wherever your journey in life has you, enjoy the guilt free way to fall in love with today’s wedding trends. Whether you’re “knot yet a bride” or “know longer a bride”, this will be the ultimate forum on all of yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s ultimate bridal/wedding finds.

Welcome to Knot Yet A Bride!

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