the sanctity of divorce

Ellen’s face says it all! Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian

Almost a month ago, Kim Kardashian announced to the world that after 72 days of marriage, she was filing for divorce from her NBA playing husband Kris Humphries. This news didn’t come as a surprise to me. Some people marry for money (Anna Nicole Smith, may she RIP) and some people marry for fame (Courtney Stodden…) and some people who have lots of money and lots of fame marry each other for more money and more fame (THE ENTIRE KARDASHIAN FAMILY).

Magazines and celebrity blog sites still question if the the Kardashian/Humphries wedding was a sham and all for television. Maybe it was. If you have seen any of the episodes leading up to the wedding special, you can see the moment when Kim begins to question the union. It’s written all over her face. The exact moment for me was when she signs the marriage license as “Kardashian” and not “Humphries”. She says in a private one on one interview with the camera that she has to protect her assets. Her mother/manager Khris also reminds her she should be really careful because she is incorporated. Clearly people already knew that this was an issue. Her stepfather Bruce Jenner even told her she could still run away as they were preparing to walk down the aisle. Being the self proclaimed hopeless romantic that she is, she went through with it.

There has been this great movement making Kardashian the poster child for ruining the sanctity of marriage, but this is only a temporary outcry backed by bigger issues. Many are enraged by the fact that she was married for 72 days. Umm…am I the only one that remembers that Britney Spears was married for FIFTY-FIVE HOURS?!? What happened to the anger towards that blip on the matrimonial radar? Britney isn’t the only one with short-lived marriages. Drew Barrymore was only married for six weeks and Robin Givens was married for SEVEN MINUTES! For me what’s ruining the sanctity of marriage isn’t the length of time two people are married, it’s what happens when the marriage doesn’t work out. Divorce.

According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, the divorce rate in America (in 2007) is 50% for first marriages, 67% for second and 74% for third marriages end up in divorce. Let us not forget that this was Kardashians second marriage. She only had a 33% success rate for her marriage. While these numbers are not a reflection of how much Kardashian may have loved Humphries, it does let us know that the sanctity of marriage is being ruined by Americans who are getting married. If 50% of marriages in America are leading to divorce, then shouldn’t those who do have the right to get married be ashamed of themselves for creating this statistic?

Another upsetting fact other than her marriage ending in divorce, is the amount of money she spent on it. There are claims from all over as to how much she spent on it (most say near $10 million) and how much she profited from selling the rights to her wedding (near $18 million) that fuel more rage. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is around $26,500. Most people could not justify spending near $10 million dollars on their wedding, I know I couldn’t. Even though Kardashian is keeping mum on the financial details, she does understand that what she spent is ludicrous, so she is going to give the cost of her gifts to the Dream Foundation.

This still doesn’t justify the fact that regardless of how long she was married or how much she spent on her wedding, she was able to get married because it was her right as a heterosexual being. I’m seeing a lot of outraged people who are disgusted with the fact that she can marry but the gays can’t. Her marriage isn’t going to turn around the religiously conservative ideal of marriage. Maybe it will help change the way Americans see the value of equal rights to marry. For the first time in fifteen years, the majority of Americans are in favor of marriage for all regardless of sexual preference. Maybe the majority will grow after this Kardashian wedding “scandal” and then Kardashian can call herself a pioneer for marriage equality and gay rights just like Dame Elizabeth Taylor and her eight marriages!

Whether you hate her or you love her, one this is certain, you can’t blame Kim Kardashian for falling in love and spending a bunch of someone else’s money to have the wedding of her dreams. She hasn’t ruined the sanctity of marriage, human kind did that.


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