Noise: An Anthem for Equality

Broadway Impact is an organization that is close to my heart. Starting as a grass routs campaign within the Broadway community, Broadway Impact has blossomed and is a leader in the fight for equal rights. Their tireless efforts and constant drive to obtain equality for all is a fight we all should be fighting. Some of my closest friends are deep in the organization and are making strides in bringing this prevalent issue to the forefront of American culture.

Recently, co-founder Gavin Creel recorded an Anthem for the Equality movement. “Noise” is exactly what is needed. Other campaigns like Occupy Wall St have been making “noise” all over the country and now the world. But marriage equality has slowly taken a back seat while a financial crisis looms overhead. The voice of equality needs to continue to ring out in order to make sure that voice never dies.

You can purchase this song and 100% of the proceeds go straight to Broadway Impact and the fight for equality. You can also get involved by donating, joining the team, or just reblogging this post so more people can spread the word!

Action=Equality so let’s MAKE SOME “NOISE”!

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