For most of us knotyetabride peeps, the moment we get engaged is one we dream about. I mean I have thought up at least a dozen proposal ideas and I am hoping that my better half will be at least halfway creative. When it comes down to it, I hope that it will at least be romantic and heartfelt.

While I’m off fantasizing about the engagement that for me is a long ways off, I can’t help but ponder about the moments when I could have possibly been proposed to by His/Her Royal Wrongness. There have certainly been a few. While I’m too busy day dreaming about HRRightness, I have neglected to think about my reaction to a proposal from someone I didn’t want to propose to me.

Last week, Business Insider posted some videos that show proposal rejections. Ouch. The most popular one is probably the woman who runs off the basketball court at halftime. No explanation, nothing. Watch:


Still, my favorite rejected proposal wasn’t on their list. I know this was just for attention, but I can’t imagine being known for proposing to Tom Brady (already married btw) and getting rejected then having it broadcast INTERNATIONALLY! Yikes. Check it out:

Oh wow. Honey, nice try, but not going to happen.

In the end, I would rather have to wait to be proposed to then having a proposal from HRW (His/Her Royal Wrongness).

Would you rather have to reject a proposal then never get proposed to? Have you ever rejected a proposal? have you ever wished you rejected a proposal?

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