knotyetabride anymore: Erin and Kevin

Big ol’ congrats and mozel to my good friend Erin Childs and her FIANCÉ Kevin Crouch on their engagement! I wanted to share their story because I have known them for a long time now and seeing them grow together has been such a beautiful story to watch. I asked both of them to write a little bit about their journey to their engagement.

First Kevin:

So somewhere over the course of the last year and a half I found myself so giddy with how much love was in my heart for this girl, that I just knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with her. We have way too much fun together and she is crazy sexy cute and I just love love love her! So I began my plotting over the summer when we first took a gander at rings. I began slowly finding out what her ideal engagement would be (one that included her friends) and then knew I had to put my own twist on it. 

In late September I told her two closest friends (Maggie & Libby) that I was going to pop the question and that I wanted to do it after a Jason Mraz concert at Carnegie Hall. When Childs got wind that I had secretly purchased tickets to the concert, she confided in her friend Maggie, who told me that Erin had snooped and was on to me and thought maybe I would do it then. I went back to the drawing board with my best friend Steven. During college he and I both were hopeless romantics and tried to woo girls with outlandish surprises that always seemed to fall flat in our face. So we joked that we were probably just planning the next grand event that may fall apart or maybe, just maybe, one of us could pull off a wonderful night to remember. 

The plan was to rent out a small theatre and tell Erin that I was doing a reading of a new play by a playwright friend, only it would actually be the proposal. So I began looking for a space and started coordinating schedules with her friends and had the ring built. All the while I was convincing her that a proposal was just not in the cards for 2011 and not to get her hopes up and oh by the way I am doing a reading of a new play by Scott on December 4th. She said she would come though she wasn’t super jazzed about it, which was exactly the attitude I wanted. I wanted her to be completely surprised (she “hates surprises”) and I knew that required convincing her that this reading was real. I had Scott (the playwright) send fake emails about rehearsals and performance. I had a night where I went over to Steven’s to plan while I was said to be “at rehearsal”, I would communicate with my buddies through email that would appear to be about fantasy football but scroll a little further and you would find the real story. All texts and phone calls to the girls were deleted immediately. I was taking every precaution not to tip my hand.

Finally the week of the proposal I had Libby plan to have “girls night” with Erin on the evening of the proposal. I wanted to make sure she was dressed up for the night and that she had her nails done. Erin was excited for girls night but she suddenly realized she was supposed to come to my reading. I asked when they were hanging out. She said it would be an early dinner followed by the Beauty Bar for martinis and manicures. I said well my reading isn’t until 8:30 and then she said “Maybe Libby can come to your reading?” I responded, “maybe, if she wants, you can ask her.” :). She took the bait — hook, line, and sinker. 

We got to the theatre an hour early and set up. I had Steven taking still photos and Maggie’s boyfriend shooting HD video on two cameras. I also had 5 of her closest friends in attendance in addition to Libby and Maggie. I of course had to have Scott the playwright there and his girlfriend. They greeted her in the lobby upon her arrival and beautifully ad-libbed with her as she took her sweet time coming into the theatre. As I stood on stage waiting for her to come thru the door my heart pounded through my chest and my mouth was like a cotton ball. Then it all went away and I smiled because I knew that this was going to one of the greatest moments of my life…… It was.

Did you tear up reading that?! I did! So sweet. If you want to see the video of their engagement (because I can’t find an embeded code for it) can be found on Fred Watford Photography‘s website here.

Now Erin:

Kevin and I met as actors working on a show together in March 2010. I HATE dating actors, but his southern charm won me over in a heartbeat and by June, we were inseparable. He always made me laugh, treated me like a princess, and I loved how passionate he was about so many different things. I fell madly in love with him and it wasn’t long before we were thinking about spending the rest of our lives together. We went ring shopping in August and I have been anxious ever since! We are going home (Ohio and Texas) to see our families for Christmas, so I was HOPING to get engaged before then, but Kevin told me not to get my hopes up.

On December 4th, I had plans with my best friend to go to dinner and drinks/manicures. Afterwards, we were going to a reading of a new play that Kevin was in. I spent ALL night chatting with Libby wondering whether or not he was going to propose before the new year and whether or not he would let her in on the secret – little did I know she had known for MONTHS and was in on the whole thing! When I showed up at the theatre, I chatted with his playwright friend in the lobby, and was instructed to head up the stairs to the theatre. As I came up the stairs, I saw Kevin standing on a stage. I was so confused – I thought maybe he was backstage or I had gone in the wrong entrance?? He called me over and I realized OH MY GOODNESS IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!!! He got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and gave me the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, my closest friends were in the audience to witness the whole thing! After the perfect moment, we celebrated with champagne in the theatre as I called my family and shared the wonderful news. For the past week I’ve done nothing but stare at my hand and look for excuses to call Kevin my fiance! So happy!

Erin’s BEAUTIFUL round diamond enhanced by a halo of smaller round diamonds with a pave band!

Friends Alana, Matt, Libby, Patty, Cassie, and Maggie with the newly engaged Kevin and Erin!

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