cool cakes: Infinitely Mathematical

Nowadays, cakes have taken a backseat to dessert tables with cupcakes and pies. I really enjoy having a variety of desserts since I don’t always enjoy cake, finding it dry and often over iced with super sugary frosting. Every once in a while though, I’ll see a cake that is an exception to the rule. Obviously I haven’t tasted the cake, but it looks good enough to eat.

I recently read a post on on tartan and plaids. I loved the look so much I started doing my own research on different plaids and how a lot of people from Scottish decent still wear kilts and use their family tartan. I was looking at a wedding photographed by Chris Radley based in Edinburgh, Scotland of a couple who mixed the traditions of their heritages: Chinese and Scottish. Two very different cultures fused into one beautiful event.

While I enjoyed their use of plaid, it was their cake that really caught my eye. A simple two tiered cake with fondant and fresh flowers. It was the intricate mathematical equations on the cake and the use of the mathematical sign of infinity that brought the love of these two bankers together.

Photo Credit: Chris Radley Photography

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