ring envy: 1stDibs.com Part 1

My girlfriend and I were sitting on the couch recently looking up antique turn of the 20th century furniture after falling in love with the set design of the PBS Masterpiece Theatre series “Downtown Abbey” (nerds, I know). We stumbled upon the website 1stdibs.com which is loaded with vintage and antique style up for grabs. Artwork, clothes, furniture, and JEWELRY!

I’m already a fan of the antique, vintage and estate jewelry seller faycullen.com, but their selection lacks the jaw dropping pieces that give me serious ring envy. If more jewelry was styled in the antique settings but the extraordinarily large sized stones that make me drool, I would be in heaven. That is exactly what happened when I saw the selection provided by 1stdibs.com

Photo Credit: Alexandra Mor/1stdibs.com

This Emerald cut solitaire flanked by two micro pavé bands were designed by Alexandra Mor and although isn’t antique, it is the simplicity and stacking that create grandeur at the same time. The solitaire stone which seems perfect can come 1ct to 15ct and set in double four prongs to keep the stone set on the knife edge platinum with 18k white or yellow gold. The rings can be staked all together or worn separately in any combination. For only $17,500, this ring could be yours…or mine…if my boyfriend won the lottery and would get down on one knee! 🙂

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