ring envy: Kwait

This past weekend, my Mr. and I were home visiting for his grandmother’s 90th birthday party. We had a really great time with his family, and my parents came down to visit us and meet his extended family as well. We had a lot of fun with them and as my mother always does, we went shopping at Nordstom. It is my favorite store because it’s clean and elegant on top of having some of my favorite designers.

I got a few things this trip: a cute grey wool cloche, some flesh toned flats, and a new Longchamp (the “it” bag of the female NYC straphangers). To continue the tradition, my mom wanted to walk through the fine jewelry department. The difference with this trip was we weren’t looking at Mikimoto, but Kwait diamonds. My mom had spotted a beautiful and simple diamond necklace in the case. Delicate and vibrant, much like herself. Next to the necklace was this ring:

Nordstrom carries and has a vastly expanding Bridal devision, but they normally don’t carry Kwait diamond engagement rings and when I saw this one I just DIED! Oh my gosh, just could have fell over and then…and then my mom asks the saleswoman if I could try it on. TRY IT ON!

Oh wait, there is a little detail I have forgotten to mention. My Mr. was with my mother and myself in Nordstrom and was not shopping by himself but standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Yup, standing right next to me as my mother asked me to try on a size 6.5, 1.5ct modified emerald cut in a micropavé halo setting. The perfect ring.

My Mr. took my hand and looked at the ring on my finger and said “I like it” then turned it over and looked at the price. The smile on his face gave me serious butterflies. He then said, “gotta do a bit more saving for that one” and my mom said “oh I’m sure. Take it off” and then thanked the sales woman. I now officially have ring envy of my own finger. 😦

In the mean time, I hope that my Mr. is saving his pennies and reading this blog!


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