Name in Lights

My entire life, I have imagined seeing my name on a marquee. Why not do it for a wedding? Below are a few different DIY ideas for getting your name in lights, no matter the occasion.

marquee1Photo by: Grey Likes Nesting

As a kid who grew up in musical theater, seeing your name is lights is more than just a song. It’s a dream to have your name at the top of the billing. With the DIY tutorial from Grey Likes Nesting, having your name (or any word for that matter) in lights, is a simple and unique touch with a relatively easy creative process. It’s a great way to recycle string lighting that may have a burnt out bulb or tricky wiring. It’s also a more creative way to take old backyard lighting and bring it indoors. Do one letter, a name, a word, number, or whatever! This is a crafty project that can double as decor for a wedding and the home.

Photo by: A Bowl Full of Lemons

My Mr. keeps nagging me about getting more greenery in our apt. Truth is, our NYC apartment just doesn’t get good natural light. We have one South facing window, but the building is in the shape of an “H” and because we’re not on a super high floor, the light we get is reflecting light off of other windows in the building. Basically the hope of us growing and sustaining any foliage indoors is next to impossible. But these DIY moss covered letters by A Bowl Full of Lemons is actually a money saving Pottery Barn hack.

If a forest/garden/natural wedding or event is what you’re after, maybe these moss letters are the perfect touch. And if you’re in an apartment that is robbed of natural light, this may brighten up the otherwise darkened room for more than just that one special party.

DSC_0796_3Photo by: Make Life Lovely

Glitter lettering!!! Need I say more?

Really though, no matter the style of wedding you’re looking at, there is no excuse to not have a little glitter. As my good friend and photographer once tweeted that she wished she could roll around in glitter, and I don’t think she is alone on this. Make Life Lovely is a DIY blog has the perfect recipe for glitter letters. It’s also an incredibly simple way to add a little sparkle to anything and everything. I now want to pour glitter on everything in my apartment. I won’t, but now I want to.

Above are only a few ways to dress up lettering and use it as a decorating tool. Yarn, string, collage, floral, you name it! Use your imagination and get to spelling!

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