Friday Flowers: Fun Fuchsia

TGIF people! What better way to close out the weekend then looking at beautiful floral arrangements? I can’t think of a better way!

6a51c5c02ae7a92d569ae0cda0deba17© Flory Photo

First of all, EVERYTHING IS PINK! I don’t know a single person who doesn’t smile a little inside when they see the color pink. If you don’t, oh well. This hearty bouquet has all the good stuff with roses, peonies and my favorite, tulips.

This fun fuchsia bouquet took me a while to hunt down to give the proper credit where it is due. The bouquet was beautifully designed by Fioribei, I originally saw the image on Pinterest which when I went to find the actual image and credit both the photographer and the florist, all I found was a link to another wannabe Pinterest/The Knot which didn’t even lead me to the source. It took some googling and other stalkerish finagling on the internet to finally link the photos to photography studio Flory Photo.

I know I have committed the crime of not always notating where the source of images are, but after this hour hunt, I am definitely going to try to site my sources more carefully on Pinterest and you should too.

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