Black Friday & Cyber Monday Wedding Deals


I recently read an article about people lining up outside a Best Buy in Ohio weeks before Black Friday. While this is not something I would ever do, I can understand the need to save pennies and finding any means necessary. So why not use Black Friday to save a few pennies on your wedding or on a wedding you are attending?

There are a lot of websites that offer discounts for Black Friday/Cyber Monday that are wedding related. If you are DIY-ing it, try  checking out Michaels or any other local craft store. They are sure to have big sales, and you should be able to get what you need while everyone else is at a lower price.

My favorite department store Nordstrom has amazing Black Friday deals, especially in beauty. Whether you are getting ready for your upcoming wedding or just trying to get the hottest beauty trends, now is the time to strike. I’ve got my eye on a Clarisonic Mia First Sonic cleanser, and they have a doorbuster steal for $99. This nifty little cleanser with give that glow 24/7. On top of having sales in the beauty department, the whole store will be having great sales to get the accessories.

Looking to get your bridesmaids dress or any other formal attire on the skinny? The Wedding Shoppe is known for having hundreds of dresses and accessories for all occasions, so why not get it with a discount?! If you order it now, you still have time to get it altered before the summer wedding. So maybe Minnesota is too far away to visit, but their Cyber Monday sale is going to be a sale not to be missed!

For the homemade, Etsy Wedding has a corner of the market that gives individual artists that sell on the famous site the choice to participate in Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. Last year, I was able to score some great finds for family and friends, so I imagine there will be some awesome deals from wedding vendors there. Here is a list of Martha Stewart Wedding’s favorite Etsy crafters, so make sure to check them out!

If you or anyone else you knows of good sales going on for either Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even the holiday season, please share. A wedding is an expensive event, but there is no reason to break the bank!

Happy Shopping friends!

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