The Art of Proposing…at a Whole Foods

Photo by S.C. Photography

Any time the internet posts a story about how cute it was that a couple got engaged at the very spot where they met, I shudder a little. An article has been going around recently about a Florida couple that got engaged at register 2 at a Whole Foods. 


How romantic…

I think about the place where my non-groom and I first met, I would not want  him to get down on one knee. It was a street corner in Astoria, Queens where we both lived. A sweet neighborhood, but not an idillic setting for a proposal.

And neither is Whole Foods if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods. As someone who is very food conscious, it is one of the few places I can buy groceries and know that what I’m eating is actually good for me. I even have a select few positive memories from when I lived in New York City and would spend hours in the Whole Foods at Union Square. Surviving Whole Foods by Kelly MacLean perfectly sums up my relationship with Whole Foods.

I digress. I was not on the receiving end of that proposal, but I would have found it to be a little lack luster. She knew it was coming , so for me, that kinda spoils it. When looking to propose, I would think that whomever was doing the proposing would want to either create a new memory or visit a romantic place. I wouldn’t want to relive another moment where I was babbling awkwardly and sweating because I have a feeling that I would be doing that as I propose.

So gentlemen, if you’re reading, when proposing, put some serious thought into it. We probably won’t remember the details, but we will remember if you got down on one knee at Whole Foods.

Regardless, congratulations to Vlad and Monica on their proposal!

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