Back in 2011, after years of working in the wedding and events industry, frustrated and lonely, founder Hilary Smith Rosen decided she was going to start a blog for those who loved weddings, but weren’t actually getting married. She wasn’t alone in feeling ashamed that she was reading bridal magazines and creating dream wedding boards on Pinterest without a ring on the finger let alone a partner who put it there.

But why should anyone be ashamed about loving weddings and the fancy parties that come with them? It was time to create a safe place for the “not so engaged” to congregate and know that they were “knot” alone.

Just a few short weeks after launching the blog, Mr. Right appeared on a blind date that started on a corner in Astoria, NY. It wasn’t long before dreaming turned into full on, no marking, imaginary wedding planning all thanks to The Knot and Pinterest. Lucky for Hilary, her “non-groom” slowly learned that her fascination with weddings went a little deeper than just creepy, stage 5 clinger status.

After a stint at one of Brooklyn’s most popular wedding venues, Hilary went on to help produce large scale events at Madison Square Garden and around New York City and California. On the side, she sang backup for some of Broadway’s leading ladies. When one of those leading ladies needed a wedding planner, it was natural for Hilary to step in.

Upon moving back to the West Coast, what was once a hobby became something more. After finally getting engaged to Mr. Right, Hilary began to plan her own wedding. A few short months later, Hilary’s father’s health began to fail. With years of experience and friends in the industry, they were able to throw together the perfect wedding. Having been on both sides of the aisle now, Hilary and the Knot Yet A Bride team continue to produce events for those who are and are “knot” yet a bride.